QEITF Certification Council Nominations

Greetings QEITF Inspectors,

The Qualified Elevator Inspector Training Fund (QEITF) is seeking member nominations for our volunteer Certification Council (CC). The following positions are available, each carry a three-year CC term:

    One (1) Union Representative The union representative will be appointed by the IUEC.

    One (1) State or Municipal Representative The State or Municipal Representative will be selected from a state, county, or city office that uses the services of qualified elevator inspectors and qualified inspector supervisors who are certified by QEITF.

    One (1) Employer Representative The Employer Representative will be selected from a company that either manufactures, installs, alters, repairs or maintains elevator’s and related equipment and is familiar with the implementation of current and latest editions of relevant codes and standards.

All members of the Certification Council:
Abide by the Bylaws, policies, and procedures or QEITF and the CC
Actively participate in CC meetings, examination development activities as requested, and CC communications by:
Establishing as a high priority attendance at all meetings of the CC and any committees or work groups
Being prepared to contribute to the discussions of issues and business to be addressed at scheduled meetings, having read the agenda and all background support materials relevant to the meeting
Contribute to the CC’s role in establishing and implementing policies and procedures for the certification program and to oversee the development of the certification examination
Carry out other duties and assignments as requested by the CC Chair
Avoid conflicts of interest in compliance with the Conflicts of Interest Policy and keep all confidential information confidential in compliance with the Confidentiality policy
Notify the Chair (or the Program Administrator in case of the Chair) promptly of any circumstance that would cause ineligibility to continue as a CC member
Act for the good of the certification program and represent QEITF in a positive and supportive manner
High School diploma or equivalent
At least 1 year of experience in current position (applies only to CEI and CEIS members)
CEI or CEIS certification issued by the QEITF in good standing (applies only to CEI and CEIS members)
Members of the QEITF Board of Trustees and members of the Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund (EIWPF) Board of Trustees will not serve on the CC or any CC committee.
Members of the CC will possess appropriate education, experience, training and other qualifications as required by their position on the Board.
Reasonable efforts will be made to reflect the diversity of QEITF certificants in the overall composition of the CC. In regard to such diversity, the CC will consider relevant factors including, but not necessarily limited to, geographic location, race, ethnicity, gender, years of experience, and practice areas.

Any individual may submit a nomination. Self-nominations are accepted.

Nominees are asked to submit a resume with the nomination form. The Certification Council Nomination form can be found on our website (www.qeitf.org) under the FORM tab, item 11. Click here to fill out the QEITF Certification Council Nomination Form.

Nomination applications will be accepted from 1/27/2020 until 2/28/2020.

Please email your nomination form and resume to:
or mail your nomination form and resume to:
QEITF Nomination Committee
7154 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046