QEI Maintenance of Qualifications Exam


are available online via the following link:
Click here for the Recertification Portal
Current Inspectors, in order to avoid re-taking the
QEITF ASSESSMENT EXAM, you MUST successfully complete the MAINTENANCE OF QUALIFICATIONS Application and EXAM along with the additional required CEUs, prior to the expiration date of your current QEI CERTIFICATION credentials.
Maintenance of Qualifications FAQ’s
My question is not on this list, or I just need to talk to a person: Contact Vivienne Fritz at vfritz@eiwpf.org or 410-701-2203

Please view our Detailed instructions for how to complete recertification on Prolydian.
Office staff will also be available to help with the transition.

Contact the office to send a link to set up the account.  The link will come from support@prolydian.com so be sure to check your spam folder.

Your annual renewal fee will be collected when you complete the annual recertification application. You will be able to take the Exam without paying first.

When you are ready to take the exam:

  • On QEITF.org, click the “Online Maintenance of Qualifications Exam" button.
  • Log into the recertification portal
  • On the left side menu, find Exams>My exams and click on “CEI Maintenance of Qualifications.”
  • Refer to pages 4-6 in the Detailed Instructions for instructions on how to navigate the exam.   
  • You will be notified of the results via email using the email address from your account.

Upon exam completion, you will be notified of the result by an email sent to your account's email address. 

If you have not already done so, complete the Inspectors Maintenance of Qualifications Renewal Application and pay the renewal fee. Refer to page 10-12 in the Detailed Instructions.   

Please contact the office and we can send you a summary of your exam results.

Please contact the office so that we can reset your exam.

  • If you recently took Continuing Education with QEITF, it is possible your updates are still in progressIf you have the attendance certificate you can upload it yourself for approval by the QEITF. 
  • If you took Continuing Education with QEITF more than 2 weeks ago, please contact the office.
  • If you took Continuing Education with another provider, please follow the instructions on page 7-9 of the Detailed Instructions 

Please allow up to 2 workdays. Most will post in significantly less time.

  • Go to QEITF.org and choose “Online Applications”.
  • Click on the blue bar that says, “Maintenance of Qualifications Application and Exam”.
  • Log into the recertification portal.
  • On the left side of the screen, choose “Applications” > “My Applications” from the menu.
  • Find “1. Inspectors Maintenance of Qualifications Renewal Application”. Click on the highlighted area.
  • Fill out the application as in previous years Be sure that all items marked with a red dot are completed.
  • On the final screen, after you have completed your payment, click on the purple “Submit” button.

  • Log onto the recertification portal.
  • On the menu, choose Dashboard.
  • Under the CEI credential badge, "Current CEC count” will tell you how many credits you have. (1 credit is 10 CE hours). To see the details, click "View Details".

  • All required information is indicated by a red dot. Double check that you have supplied all the required information.
  • Please make sure there is at least 0.8 CEUs of continuing education applied to your recertification.
  • Please make sure that you have passed the Maintenance of Qualifications exam.   
  • Please make sure in section 2 that you have checked the boxes next to the Continuing Education that you want to apply to your recertification.

Your CE requirement must be approved before you can submit the application.  If you have filled out the application and entered a credit card payment, the information entered has been savedAfter your CE requirements and Maintenance of Qualifications test have been approved, return to the portal and hit the “Submit” button. 

It's on your union card.

You will receive an email when your recertification application has been approvedAlso, your certification expiration date will change on your CEI badge on the recertification portal Dashboard.