QEI Approved Continuing Education Providers

The following Continuing Education Providers have been approved to provide full or partial credit depending on their course content for annual maintenance of certification requirements listed in the QEI-1 Standard under Section 2.3 for Inspector and 3.3 for Inspector Supervisor.

Please contact an approved provider for a detailed list of classes.

Qualified Elevator Inspector Training Fund
7154 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
(888) 511-3113

To view available class schedules please select:Class Schedules
ASME Short Courses
The following short courses are approved:
1. How to Perform Elevator Inspections Using A17
2. ASME A17.1, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators
3. A17.2 Escalators and Moving Walks: Inspection and Maintenance
Evaluation Techniques
4. A17.3 Elevator and Escalator Code: A17.1 Requirements for Alterations
and Existing Installations
Elevator Consulting Services Inc. 
Hollywood, FL
(954) 987-2038
Elevator Safety Solutions, LLC
Contact: John W. Koshack
Phone: (619) 726-1419
E-mail: john@elvssl.com
Elevator Safety and Technical Services/Vertical Assessment Associates
Contact: Lee Rigby
Phone: (850) 222-3787
Email: info@estsinc.net

Elevator & Vertical Transportation Educational Associates, Inc.
Contact: Brad Fox
Phone: (313) 359-4026
Email: fsqei@att.net
James Meyer Consulting, Inc.
Contact: James Meyer
Phone: (209) 267-0950
Contact: Amanda Smith
1298 Wellbrook Circle, NE
Conyers, GA 30012
Phone: (770) 760-9660
(800) 900-6232 (US Only)
(888) 847-7530 (US/Canada)
Fax: (770) 760-9714
The following NEIEP Continuing Education Courses are approved for 0.2 CEU’s:
CE008 Customer Relations Series
CE012.1 Machine Room Maintenance
CE012.2 Hoistway Maintenance
CE012.3 Hydraulic Elevator Maintenance
CE013 Rack & Pinion
CE015 LULA Series
CE017.1 Testing Traction Elevators
CE017.2 Safety Testing for Hydraulic Elevators
CE027 Virtual Escalator
CE030 CPR/First Aid/AED
CE035 Virtual Code Courses; 2013 Hydro Code Course;
2013 Escalator Code Course
CE036 Confined Spaces Awareness
OS001 OSHA 10
OS002 OSHA 30
325 – Electrical Safety
820 – Hydraulic Elevator Maintenance
825 – Escalator Components and Installation Procedures
830 – Moving Walk Components and Installation Procedures
835 – Service, Maintenance, and Repair
840 – Residential and LULA Elevators
845 – Residential and LULA Platform and Chair Lifts

850 – Rack and Pinion Hoists

The QEI-1 Standard, 2.3(f)(2)(c) states in part that, completion of a self-study course (such as NEIEP courses listed above) allows for not more than 0.2 CEU’s per annual renewal period.
Rochester, WA
(360) 292-4968

Contact: Megan Fitzmaurice
Phone: (360) 292-4968
Fax: (360) 292-4973
E-mail: megan@naesai.org
PACE State Licensing Courses
(888) 511-3113, ext. #3

PACE Programs and Applications are available through EIWPF:www.eiwpf.org
Thompson Elevator Inspection Service, Inc.
1302 E. Thayer Street
Mt. Prospect, Il 60056
(847) 296-8211
(847) 296-5424 (Fax)
University of Minnesota Symposium
The Annual Institute for Building Officials provides a continuing education opportunity for code officials and inspectors from the building, electrical, fire, housing, mechanical, elevator, and plumbing fields, as well as permit technicians, residential building contractors, engineers, and manufactured home installers. Institute sessions offer opportunities to learn about:
Minnesota code rules and amendments to the code
Useful approaches and best practices for inspection and code
Professional development skill enhancement

Check the Annual Institute for Building Officials website for additional information including continuing education credit status, online registration, program schedule, and presentation descriptions.
For Registration Questions: 612-625-2900 or ccapsreg@umn.edu
For Program Questions: 612-625-5496 or ccapsconf4@umn.edu
Vertex Corporation 
1040 W. Albion Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 338-7066 (Toll Free)
(773) 338-6387 (Fax)
Virginia Elevator Safety Association  (VAESA)
James J. McCoart Administration Building
1 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192
Inspection Supervisors/Online Management Courses
To order courses:www.corexcel.com/management-courses/management-class.htm
Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you will find the following approved management classes offered that provide 0.5 CEU’s per class: Effective Negotiations
How to Coach
Managing in a Modern Organization
Managing People
Time Management

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If you have any questions regarding the QEITF QEI program, please do not hesitate to call us:1-888-511-3113